In loving memory of Rick Champagne

3-12-64 / 1-21-17

Mere words cannot even begin to describe the feeling of loss since my Partner, Best Friend, and Soulmate was taken away from me and all of us on the morning of January 21, 2017. My world as I knew it went totally dark and silent and so did SHAKE AND WAKE. No longer will there be a SHAKE AND WAKE WITH RICK AND ANNIE live.. No longer will I sit here across the room watching him belt out his opening line to our show….. “HERE WE GO YET AGAIN!”

Rick didn’t realize in life just how many people he touched or just how many loved him and now love and miss him. We must go on and carry on with his mission to SHAKE AND WAKE people and bring them back to God. Rick, Shake and Wake will go on. HERE WE GO YET AGAIN! WE LOVE YOU!!!!


This is why Rick did what he did.. His love for his listening family!!!


Because The TRUTH Is All That Matters, and The TRUTH Shall Make You Free!